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 It's just a box, right?
To me, boxes are an extremely personal container. We use them to hold our history, secrets, and memories. They are time capsules to our families that can be handed down from generation to generation. They are a sculptural art form that can be created to reflect emotion, movement, or a point in time. They are an art form that is crafted using some of the most spectacular material that only Mother Nature could provide. These are the reasons I fell in love with box making. 

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This is our process. 

Since there are so many different options in the design of your box I have found that the best way to make sure there are no errors is for you to deal directly with me.

The Citadel boxes are $375 plus shipping and full insurance ($25). The box measures approximately 14x10x5.5 outside.

Step 1: Email me ( and we will work together for the desired outcome.

If you can provide me with the following information we can begin:

Cadet’s Name:    Robert Coker Gilbert

Year of graduation:    2020

Company:  Delta

Step 2: When I receive that information I will draw up a draft as it will appear on the box and allow you to look it over for any errors or adjustments. This is when any changes can be made to customize to meet your needs. 

If you want anything carved inside the box lid or on the front of it, there is an additional charge to cover the extra time for $25 per item. **(Summerall Guard Company Logo or Tango “The Boys” Logo etc…)**

Step 3: Once you approve the draft I will send you an email for a request for payment via PayPal. You will be able to click the link and pay with your credit card. Once that is received then your box goes on the list to be made. They are created in the order the are received.

In about 10-12 weeks (Sometimes a bit longer) it will be ready. I always do my best to send you updates as possible so it doesn’t just show up at your door. If at anytime you have any questions or concerns please never hesitate to contact me. It is important to me that you have confidence in the process and feel good about 


From commissioning to delivery, the purchase of a your keepsake box is an exceptional experience.